The Actual Cost of Moving Abroad

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Both of my Backpacks are ready to go!

Both of my Backpacks are ready to go!

Taking Belgium out of the equation, Australia is the first country I’ve ever moved to (this is also the first time I’ve lived on my own, but we’re not going to talk about that). It is extremely daunting… Packing up your entire life, and not only moving it out of city, but out of country as well. Daunting, terrifying, exhilerating, but not really that expensive.

I’m going to break it down, for my own benefit and maybe for yours, how much (in a general total) moving from Canada to Australia is costing me.


I guess the first question is always flights. This one is hard, because flight pricing changes frequently. Also, I’m not flying straight to Sydney, which would have been a lot cheaper. From Fort St John to Toronto, Toronto to Brussels, Brussels to Sydney, the total cost of my one-way flight was about $1,700


Visas are essentially the little piece of paper that you need in your passport to get into the country. My visa is a Holiday-Work Visa, and is valid for 1 year, from date of entry. I am able to leave Australia and re-enter as often as I wish, and I am allowed to work while I live there. The price for this Visa for a Canadian was about $450.


If you’re going to do one thing when you travel/move out of country, please please PLEASE get insurance. Very important. From death to lost baggage, it will definitly come in handy in one way or another. I’m not going to put what kind of insurace I bought (mostly because I can’t remember) but it is valid from October 7th to June 15th (from the day I leave to the day I come back for my sister’s grad). The cost of the insurance for 8 months was about $1,1000.


So obviously I’m not bringing all of my stuff with me (God forbid the overweight baggage fees) so the obvious choice is to store them. I have 7 totes which I purchased for $10 a piece, so there is $70. I haven’t quite decided if I’m storing my totes in a mini storage or begging family to hold onto them. I’ll keep your posted.


new iPhone 4S – $250

LifeProof iPhone Case – $90

Leatherman Charge – $120

New Blog Website – Free 🙂


In order to enter Australia with the Visa that I have, I need to have at least $5,000 Canadian in my bank account, and proof of it. Also, I have a lifeboat of $2,000 put aside for a flight (whether it be emergency or not) home.

The total I have spent in displacing myself from Canada to Australia brings us to a grand total of $10,780. Which, in all honesty, isn’t terrible considering I have $5,000 to care of myself with if I don’t find a job right away, and $2,000 for an escape route out of the country.

Everyone has been telling me how expensive of a country Australia is, so after I’ve settled in and figured out how Australian currency works, I’ll let you guys know how expensive it really is to actually live there. (Honestly, after living in Fort St. John, how bad could it be?)


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