Samana Santa – Holy Week in Spain

Christ our Saviour, Easter Day Parade, Barcelona, Spain

Christ our Saviour, Easter Day Parade, Barcelona, Spain

I have actually had the pleasure of viewing two Samana Santa’s so far in Spain, once in Toledo, and the second in Barcelona. It’s such an extremely beautiful holiday to be a part of, and an incredibly important time for the Catholic People in Spain.

No Easter eggs, instead there are huge processions with “floats” (actually called imagen) made of gold and weighing an upwards of 2 tons (see above). Men train all year long to carry these beautiful and HUGE pieces of art down the many streets of the cities in Spain. These Processions are a traditional Catholic way to tell the story of Christ on the streets, for all the people to see. The Brotherhoods in the procession start off carrying the flag associated with that Brotherhood. After that, the uniformed Brothers walk, wearing hats in mourning and grievance of the suffering of their Lord Christ.

The first time I saw the Procession, it made my heart stop. I was in Toledo, Spain, and being surrounded by the city walls, with the drums beating right through your body, candle light bouncing off of the faces of hooded men and women walking in accordance of the music… I’m not religious but in those moments, I believed.


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