I Just Discovered the Best Cafe Ever…

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I love coffee. 

No, really. I love coffee. I would take caffeine over alcohol any day of the week.

And thus, I desperately miss Tim Hortons.

It’s only been the better part of three weeks and I’m starting to miss my Iced Capps and double double’s miserably. I’m true Canadian and proud of it!

But I think I just found a cafe that tops Timmies ten-fold…


Why I (Greatly) Dislike Paris


Yes you read that right.

I don’t like Paris. It’s actually one of my least favourite cities that I have visited.

Now, before you start grabbing your pitchforks and torches, let me explain.

The Road So Far: Leaving Belgium

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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by already. I can’t believe my time here in one of my favourite countries is over.

The Road So Far – Belgium Week I

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Note: all of the photos posted are from my iPhone, so I apologize for the small size and the sometimes not so good quality. 

It has been seven days since I arrived back in Belgium, and I only have seven more to go.

I’ve actually been really lucky with the weather so far – with sun and happiness everywhere. But now Belgium is showing her true colours.

It’s freaking cold. And rainy. Even as a Canadian I have a chill straight to my bones.

So I’m huddled up in a Starbucks in Leuven, where I paid the equivalent of $7 on a hot chocolate. But I have free WIFI, so all is not lost.

Bon Voyage!


I’m sorry for the lack of updates or posts! There is no WIFI where I’m staying at the moment, and I’m using up data like crazy. #firstworldproblems.
I leave tomorrow for Belgium, where I will be landing on Wednesday, after going through the London airport (I usually go through Frankfurt) with barely 2 hours in between. I’ll see how that goes…
I’m really excited to go to my second home, but at the same time I’m leaving family here and I will miss them terribly. And Tim Hortons. And English. God, my Dutch is absolutely rotten now, I don’t know how I’m going to survive!
Anywho, after landing in Belgium I have a hotel lined up for 3 nights in Antwerpen, just enough time to catch my breath and readjust to travelling again. And to stuff my face with chocolate, waffles, French fries, beer and ice cream without anyone bearing witness. I thought it was quite clever.
After that… We’ll see. For the most part I have an idea as to where I will be, but I want to keep everything open as much as I can. I have so many friends to see and places to visit, I truly hope I can get it all done in the 2 weeks I’m there.
I guess we’ll see! I hope all of my Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂



I forgot to show everyone what overpacking looks like… Luckily I can still carry it, but we’ll see what happens in Belgium!

Safe and Sound in Ontario

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Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of posting.
Between packing and moving things and getting ready to go, I had very little time to do much else.

I made it to Ontario, and am safe and sound at my dad’s house, after a rather boring flight.
At the moment I’m on my way to Algonquin Park to get some photos of the red maple leaves, I’ll post some photos later!