The Road So Far: Leaving Belgium

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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by already. I can’t believe my time here in one of my favourite countries is over.

This trip was not about sight-seeing or really “travelling” at all, it was about visiting my amazing friends whom I met on exchange. And two weeks was not adequate time to see all of my friends.

I was surprised over and over again by the generosity that greeted me when I got to Belgium. From places to sleep, even if it only on the floor on a mattress, to dinner and a good night drinking, I was showered in generosity and love from all of my friends. To all my friends who gave me a place to temporarily call home, took me out dancing and drinking, fed me, and dealt with my over-tired bitchiness – you are amazing, I love you, I will miss you and you will always have a home in Canada… Or where ever else I am in the world. I will see you all soon ♥

In total, I was in Antwerpen, Balen, Mol, Leuven, Hasselt, Brussels, and Gent.

In total, I took 11 trains.

In total, I took 9 buses.

In total, I took 4 metros.

In total, I drank 4 Starbucks.

In total, 6,989,979 times I have fought with wifi.

Now, when I set out to stay in Belgium I planned on only spending 750€ ($1,000 CAD). I didn’t want to eat too much into my Australia savings, and I figured by staying with friends every couple of days it would be efficient, or I might have to take out a little more.

I was wrong.

Like I stated above, my friends were lovely and thoughtful and generous and loving and gave me more than I could ever have expected. I can’t express enough how much I love you and thank you all.

I ended up leaving Belgium having spent less than €600 in two weeks.

This is how it broke down, more or less (I was trying to keep track of it but it got away from me sometimes.)

Accommodations (hotel) – €174

Transport (buses, trains) – €85.90

Food & Drinks (not alcohol) – €161.80

Other (sim card, alcohol, personal, laundromat, toilet) – €89.85

Total – €595.70 ($850.69 CAD)

This trip was full of surprises… And well worth it! I can’t wait to return in a couple years to visit everyone again 🙂

I am now onto Australia to start a new chapter in my life. I have a hostel for the first 4 nights in Sydney, but past that I don’t really know what my plan is. I’ll figure it out when I get there!

– Jenna


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