I Just Discovered the Best Cafe Ever…

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I love coffee. 

No, really. I love coffee. I would take caffeine over alcohol any day of the week.

And thus, I desperately miss Tim Hortons.

It’s only been the better part of three weeks and I’m starting to miss my Iced Capps and double double’s miserably. I’m true Canadian and proud of it!

But I think I just found a cafe that tops Timmies ten-fold…

Sweet Coffee

Welcome to Sweet Coffee! A wonderful coffee shop in Hasselt, Belgium that my friends took me to yesterday. Actually, the main reason we went to Hasselt was to drink this coffee.

It was that good. 

To you all you hipster “I only drink black coffee” people out there who are about to scoff at the prospect of the coffee I am about to unveil… Shut up and go back to Starbucks.

Sweet Coffee-1

Delicious, no?

Sweet Coffee has an amazing selection of candy-based coffees and hot chocolates to choose from. Everything from Oreo to Ferrerro (I had the ferrerro latte… so good!) And also so many sweets and deliciousness..’s… It was difficult to choose.

Sweet Coffee-2

Naturally I went with the Oreo cheesecake, which I split with my friend Michelle. It was so rich and delicious.

Sweet Coffee-4

I’ve said delicious a lot haven’t I… 

There is also a Sweet Coffee Take Away that just opened in August, I was tempted to buy another one for the train ride back home, but I was so full from the last one. I have a little bit of time on my way to Mol… Hmm….

Sweet Coffee-6

If you’re ever in Belgium I would definitely recommend trying out this cafe. My latte cost around 3€ but it was so worth it!

Added bonus: Free Wifi! 

Sweet Coffee
Botermarkt 15, 3500 Hasselt
Tel: 011/262650
Mon-Fri: 09:00- 18:30
Saturday: 09:00- 19:00
Sunday: Closed

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