The Road So Far – Month 1 in Australia

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This has been the most intensely fun month ever, and I can’t believe it’s gone past this quickly. 


Britz – The Rental Company From Hell

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It was our last day of the road trip to Melbourne. We were already freaking out because we had to return the truck by 3pm, and at the rate we were going we were going to be late – a $200 fine. Being intelligent, we called Britz – our car company – and asked for another day with the truck. They accepted. So we decided to take a detour.

We were on our way to the Philip Islands go to see some penguins. Apparently, there is a penguin march every night as they climb onto the rocky shores to escape predators. We – Trine, Adam, and I – were all so excited to go see these funny little penguins in the wild.

We were about an hour from the island when it happened.

We were making our slow ascent up a hill in our truck, when the clutch burned out.


In Photos – Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

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Stumbling past the pushing bustling busy people at the Sydney Opera House, all posing to take selfies with the House, I see a break in the crowd. I make a run for it, almost tripping over a group of Japanese tourists who stopped in front of me to take yet more photos, and come to a gateway. Less people. I can breathe again. I wander through the gate, and like Alice in Wonderland is transported into a different world. 

I went from the bustling city of Sydney into a tranquil Garden, and I seemed to be the only one there. 

Brussels Photo Essay

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Brussels – the capital of Belgium. Actually, when I first moved to Belgium it was one of my least favourite places there. I thought it was dirty and cliche and full of tourists. 

Sydney Opera House at Sunset

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I took these photos just over a week ago… Absolutely love them! The Opera House itself isn’t as spectacular as I had imagined, but seeing it by ferry at sunset was absolutely stunning. The white reflects the sunset so well!

Nov Sydney 2014 Edit-0424

Nov Sydney 2014 Edit-0451

Surf Camp Australia

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I stood there as the wave came crashing over me. I tried to jump up, to get over top of it, but it broke just as it hit me, dragging me under the water with it. I twist and turn, feet hitting the sand, just to pop back up out of the water just in time for the next wave.

Algonquin Park Photo Essay

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In early October I was in Ontario for a week visiting my family. While I was there I had a chance to go back to Algonquin park to use my camera for the first time!