The Road So Far – Month 1 in Australia

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This has been the most intensely fun month ever, and I can’t believe it’s gone past this quickly. 


To be honest, I don’t even know what to say. I have very quickly fallen in love with this country, and even with Sydney, which I never expected to happen.

I arrived in Australia a month ago, and I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly overhauled with the heat, accents, and happiness that I felt to finally be here – the country I had worked my ass off to get to for the past year.  I got to my hostel – it was 9 am – dropped off all my stuff and headed to the beach!

Lots of beaches...

Lots of beaches…

And since that day I kept going! I love Bondi (but I also have a secret obsession for Manly – shush!)

I went to surf camp for a week, which was absolutely amazing. I have since bought a surf board (!!!!) and will now be going every weekend. I love it that much.

After getting my apartment in an amazing part of Sydney, near Darling Harbour, and after exploring more of the city and finally seeing the Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens I fell in love with Sydney. Like really fell in love with it. This is somewhere I could see myself living for a little while. That being said, I haven’t seen very much of Australia yet, so we’ll see what happens. The frozen yogurt also helps!

I've eaten a lot for frozen yogurt...

I’ve eaten a lot for frozen yogurt…

I then went on an amazing adventure to Melbourne with some friends I met at Surf Camp. There were many laughs, many photos, and many kangaroos. And a broken truck. We don’t talk about that anymore. Melbourne was gorgeous, and somewhere I would like to go back to. But the Great Ocean Road was absolutely gorgeous, and probably my favourite part of the trip. The sights were extraordinary.

Everything from seeing Wicked on Broadway to watching the fireworks on Darling Harbour  every Saturday night I have had the most amazing time here!

Now… I was going to post how much money I’ve spent so far since I’ve been here but I’ve lost track. Just know that it is really expensive here.

A glass of beer costs about $8.50


Loving the view of Sydney from my apartment... I could stay here a little longer!!

Loving the view of Sydney from my apartment… I could stay here a little longer!!

I can’t wait to see what this next month will bring. I know surfing and frozen yogurt is a definite, and I honestly can’t wait until New Years! Travelling, sightseeing, touristy things and frozen cokes from McDonald’s are probably how it’s going to go.

As always I will keep everyone updated!



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