A Tentative Plan

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I keep getting asked “So Jenna, what’s you’re plan? You’re just going to hang out in Australia for a year?”

The answer is kind of.

Surprise! I’ve decided to extend my stay here to two years instead of one. 

Australia is huge, and to do it justice I want to do it slow. This is also the perfect opportunity for me to do that. In order for me to do my second year, I just need to do 88 days of farm work. Easy enough.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road – Might have to do it again!

And here is my tentative plan for my travels at the moment!

Now until February 1st.

I quickly decided to stay in Sydney for my first couple months here, mostly because of the New Years Eve festives in the city. Working, making friends, making plans and spending Christmas and New Years with friends at my now home. This gives me 2 months to make as much money as possible, and spend weekends surfing and seeing as much of Sydney and surrounding area as possible. The more I see the more I fall in love. I have to be careful or I may never leave!

Even better fireworks on New Years!

Even better fireworks on New Years!

February – Mayish

I will hopefully be in Tasmania for this entire time, working on farms and qualifying for my second visa. Not very many people make it Tassie, but it was second on my list of places I have to get to while I’m here, and provides the perfect opportunity for me to work on organic hippie farms. I’m excited!

May – July

I don’t know what I’m going to do after Tassie, I might go to Brisbane or Melbourne for a bit. Either way, by middle of June I have to be in Sydney to take my flight home (!!!) to see my sister graduate. Aren’t I an awesome sister? The answer is yes. I’ll be home 2-3 weeks, until the beginning of July, then I’ll head back to Oz.

July – Whenever

This is when it gets fun. 
I have no plans for this time, other than my friend and I are buying a camper van and we’re taking off! 

Maybe a van like this?!

Our goal is to go around Western Australia, to Darwin and to Alice Springs and then back to Sydney.
We figured it would be a lot cheaper than flying (so expensive for those areas) or renting a car ($77+/day plus gas, accom etc)
Alice Springs was the number one place I wanted to go to in Australia, and looking at flights you’re looking at $800 pp one way. Ridiculous. At least with a camper we can sell it when we get back, whenever that’s going to be!

But those are my plans in a nutshell! I’ll be posting my Australian bucket list soon with everything I want to do, which I will be crossing off as I do them.

I do want to go to the east coast too, for surfing and relaxing and all that cool stuff, but that will probably be next spring/summer time. It’s nicer then, and maybe by then I’ll be in more of a party-backpacker mode than I am now. Right now I just want to travel and see things and make beautiful memories, not waste all of my funds on beer and goon, and party the night away every night. Soon though!

Anyone else have any suggestions on where I should go and what I should do? I would love to hear them!


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