The Road So Far – Month 2

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Well this month has been a whirlwind. I have done so much, learned so much, taken so many photos and met so many amazing people it’s been incredible! Surfing, frozen yogurt, getting a great new job, hiking and adventuring, this month has been one for the books.

So on for what happened this month!

Name 3 cool things you did this month

Blue Mountains 2014 Edit-0054

1. When I went with Amy to climb the Blue Mountains. Well… Walk down and crawl back up… There will be a post about this coming up shortly, with all of those long awaited photos I’ve been promising to post. It will happen I promise!


2. The Village Bizarre at the Rocks. It happens every Friday over the course of November and December, and was absolutely incredible! With singers, dancers, clowns, fire dancers, great food, cute little stores it was totally worth it! The best part were the little shows the actors put on for free, it was absolutely amazing! I hope I’m in Sydney to go again next year!

Royal National Park 2014 Edit-0047

3. And the last one was probably going to the Royal National Park with Kitty and Amy. Between scouring the trees looking for koalas, spending time sunbathing and reading on the beach, getting toppled by the huge waves, and walking along the rock shores of the park, it was a beautiful experience.

What was the best part of the month?

I think the obvious answer to this question was Christmas. Between celebrating a friends birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe (and surprising her!), going to the beach, spending some quality time with my room mates, eating delicious Swedish food and Fondue it was an amazing holiday!

I was also able to Skype my family back home, which was amazing. I’ve only talked to my sister a handful of times over Skype, and my parents only once. Taking those couple of hours out of my day to talk to them was incredible, even if I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom so I didn’t wake my room mates up!

What was the most difficult part of the month?

Again, an obvious answer from me. The Sydney Siege tops this list. Contacting all of my friends in the city to make sure every one was alright, my family and friends back home finding out what was going on here and them trying to contact me to make sure that I was safe… It was a difficult day for everyone.

But as for the most difficult thing for myself was the culture shock. I had been expecting it to come, but it didn’t make it any easier when it did. I wrote a post about it here and that certainly helped me figure out how to detach myself from those feelings of loneliness and fear, and helped me make a plan as to how to help stop them. So far, my plan is working out for the most part.

My Favourite Photo of the Month

Actually, I’m going to post two photos, because I couldn’t decide between them. 

Blue Mountains 2014 Edit-0161

This photo is one I took at the Blue Mountains, and one that I’ve been thinking about using for the blog in the long run. I truly love it, probably just because it’s my backpack, but the burst of red in the forest of green really draws my eye. The only thing that ruins it is the water bottle, but if I had taken it out I would feel like I’d be lying, since there is always a bottle there when I’m travelling.

Village Bizarre 2014 Edit-0085

I was at the Village Bizarre at the Rocks in Sydney. It happens every Friday night during the months of November and December. They always have performers, and I was able to get some photos of the fire dancer. This is my favourite one – you see the intensity in his muscles and the set of his jaw. I also liked how the fire whoosed above in as he was dancing. It was beautiful to watch.

My goal for the next month

Now, this is not a New Years resolution. That will be a later post. This is my goal for the month of January.

I have to admit I have been terrible. Every time I go on a trip, my best friend Karleigh buys me a journal. And I haven’t been keeping up with writing in it! So I’m going to do better. From quotes, ideas, things that I learn, things that bother me, my day to day life… It’s going into that book! I know that it will help me with my blogging later on, and I will thank myself for it when I’m older.

So that has been this month in a nutshell. Who knows what this next month will bring? Other than working, surfing and probably more frozen yogurt.

Remember to truly keep up to date with my day to day life, follow my Instagram. It’s the best way to keep up, I’ve been slowly getting lazy with Twitter and Facebook. Maybe that will be my next goal?

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Years!

What have you been up to in the past month? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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