Holidays in Sydney

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Yes, I realize that this post is a little late. But you’ll forgive me, right?

Although it never really felt like Christmas, what with the lack of cold and snow and such, Sydney does its best to give the city a Christmasy feel. Lights shining everywhere, carolers on the streets, Christmas trees here and there, and millions of people rushing about… It did have a merry feel to it.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was actually the birthday of my friend Josephine, so Amy and I surprised her with a lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. It was lovely, with balloons on all of the chairs, delicious burgers and ice cream, and the best part was the entire restaurant wishing her a happy birthday while she was standing up on a chair. Awesome memories!

After that, frozen yogurt, a little shopping and wandering around with the busy Christmas shoppers.

Christmas Day

Needless to say, I spent the day at the beach while I had a chance. Bondi was full of other backpackers and travellers, people who didn’t have family to spend the holidays with. Luckily, I had my wonderful room mates, and together we ate chocolate fondue at the apartment, Swedish meatballs and potatoes, listened to Christmas music while my laptop was playing a fireplace for us. It was a lovely night!

New Years Eve

Now New Years was interesting. I had spent the entire day before sick in bed, and still wasn’t feeling all that amazing on New Years Eve. Never the less, I crawled out of bed, and met some new and old friends at Wynyard Station, where we slowly made out way to Waverton to see the firework show.

Spending the afternoon drinking and playing drinking games, eating chips and laughing in the grass, we waited oh so patiently for the 9pm fireworks, also known as the kids fireworks. I broke off from the group and was able to find a beautiful spot to take some photos.

Lasting only 10 minutes, we soon made our way back to the grass to play more games, and meet even more people. More goon was drunk, more laughs shared, and the 3 hours to the next fireworks – the big ones! – passed quickly.

The Sydney fireworks are apparently some of the largest in the world for New Years, and was definitely worth trying to war off the crowds and drunken idiots when trying to make it back into the city afterwords. Luckily I live close by, but two of my friends didn’t make it home until 4:30 am.

Craziness I tell you!

A new year, a new you… Right?

Not really.

I have to say I’m in a pretty okay place right now; on the other side of the world, making friends every day and seeing more and more of the wonderful city of Sydney every week.

I only have one thing that I want to do better this year, and that is using my travel journal. I haven’t been taking full advantage of it, and I need to write down more information, thoughts, ideas and quotes so that I will never forget them. This is going to be the best year yet, and I don’t want to forget.

Looking Back

This year was a pretty awesome one I have to say. I have no regrets, as no one should at the end of the year.

So what was 2014 like for me?

Lots of Travel

Well I visited 4 countries on 4 continents (Africa, North America, Europe and Australia)

First Solo Road Trip

I took my first solo road trip down to Kelowna before I came to Australia. Five days, 1,150km. I played lots of music, and ate lots of food. I bought my first DSLR, with the help of my friend Amanada, and saw a lot more friends than intended over the course of the weekend. It was lovely though 🙂

First Solo Backpacking Trip

Starting off in Belgium, running around the country with my head chopped off for 2 weeks visiting friends, and then to Australia. It was nice, not really all that lonely. Also had my first dinner-for-one at a restaurant in Antwerpen. I survived.

Went to Ghana

I worked in an orphanage for 2 weeks in Ghana over March and April. It was a wonderful experience that I plan to write about, I just haven’t quite figured out how.

Family Time

This year I think I got better (you better ask my parents) with spending time with family. I went to all of the family functions, spent a lot more time with my mom and step-dad, hung out with my step-sisters and nephew,  and even made it to Ontario to visit my dad, step-mom and little sister. I also ran around visiting family then too, I have to say I did pretty well!

Got my First Apartment

Yay I learned how to survive on my own. I loathe laundry. I miss my moms cooking. End of rant.

Learned How To Surf

Mostly. I now try to get down to Bondi every weekend to get better and learn more, there is always more to learn.

Lived in Australia for 2 Months and Haven’t Died

I think I deserve a high-five for this one. No snake bites, spider bites, jelly fish stings, shark attacks, angry kangaroos or kicking of wombats to speak of. Maybe I’m just not living life on the edge enough here in Oz. I also haven’t gotten hit by a bus yet, but there is still time for that!

So that is essentially my year in a page. Good-bye 2014 and hello 2015!!


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