In Photos – Sydney NYE Fireworks!

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I’m not even going to write anything. There were no words for how absolutely amazing the fireworks were this year, just long shouts and screams and “wows” from the entire crowd in Waverton watching the fireworks with us. The kids were excited, the adults were excited, and I was over the moon!

So now, without further a-do, the photos! (I took about 400, but I’ll only add the ones I deem worthy).

The 9pm Fireworks – AKA the Kids Fireworks

A break in between the 9pm and 12am fireworks. The city looks gorgeous all on its own, does it not?

The 12am Fireworks – AKA the Real Deal

This was my favourite shot of the entire night!

And a final, dazzling end to the show! It only lasted 10 minutes, but they were an amazing start to the new year of 2015, I hope to be in Sydney again next year to see them!

Where were you for New Years? How did you celebrate? Were there fireworks? Let me know in the comments below!


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