In Photos – Garie Beach in The Royal National Park

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What a beautiful, hot day… I need to go to the beach! I mean it’s at least 35 degrees celsius outside, I’m literally melting. But Bondi is too busy, Manly is a $14 trip away and also always packed on the weekends.. Honestly I just want to get away from people. So where should I go?

Easy. The Royal National Park.

The Royal was established in 1879, and is the world’s second oldest national park! That’s pretty crazy. It costs $11 to enter with a vehicle, but is so worth it once you hit the beach or the many trails! You can also camp inside the park for the night for the amazing price of $28!

Find out more information about the park here!

Amy, Kitty and I ended up spending the day at Garie Beach, and walking a little along the coast to a small cottage area. We also drove through the park, stopping occasionally for snacks and a walk.

The sun beat down on our backs while we tanned on the sandy shore of Garie Beach, and there were maybe a dozen people on the beach with us, most of whom were either life savers or surfers. I had truly wished at that moment that I had brought my surf board with me – the waves were huge! Kitty and I waded through the salty ocean water, only to be swept back to shore from a giant wave! At one point, we got caught in a rip and were sent out maybe a little too far. Not that the life savers noticed.

The coastal walk from one beach to the next was short, but took us a lot longer than it should have because of how many photos were taken! Between the crabs, snails, starfish, rocks, waves and God knows what else it took us about an hour!

Eventually we made it to this little cottage area that seemed relatively abandoned, set up camp on the porch of the chapel and rested from the sun and water. Many selfies were taken, and many laughs were had. All in all it was an amazing day!

But enough blabbing! Let the photo gallery begin!

The view looking from the sand on Garie Beach back into the forest behind us.

My thongs (teehee) chilling on the beach

Photo credit: Amy Smith

The beginnings of the coastal walk

Funky rocks being constantly battered by the waves!

Gary 🙂

And Patrick

Down another sandy path

Everybody meet Amy

The Chapel in the park. We relaxed on the porch for an hour or so to escape the sun. We also took a lot of selfies…

And BAM! lookout point.

Beautiful right? If you’re in Sydney I definitely suggest making it to the Royal National Park, and this is only the beginning! I still have more to share with y’all 🙂


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