What Travel Blogs Do I Follow?

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Being a travel blogger, I read so many other travel blogs for inspiration, encouragement, travel advice and for some amazing stories. I talk about some of their stories to my friends, and low and behold they have actually never heard of them before! 

Some travel blogs I have followed since I was 16, others only for the last couple of months, but I love every single one of them and always anxiously wait for the next blog post or update. It’s kind of funny, because it’s such a different array of bogs from family blogs to solo female to food blogs… The only thing they have in common is travel and that’s all that matters. Now! Here’s a little list of my favourite travel blogs, who they are, why I love them and why I think you will fall in love with them too 🙂

Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt


So this is the travel blog I have followed since I was 16. Gary is an amazing self-taught photographer, something which he learned over the course of travelling. He sold his house and all of his possesions in 2007, and set off on what was supposed to be a one year voyage across the world. Though his travels are mostly based on photography now, you can still catch the odd travel-related post.

Why I love him – Gary has his fingers in a little bit of everything. There are posts all over his blog about his travel adventures, a daily photo being constantly uploaded onto his site, podcasts, photo tours, and rumour has it he is going to be writing a book here pretty soon!

Never Ending Footsteps – Lauren Juliff


Lauren’s blog has a special place in my heart. Before leaving the UK, Lauren suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. She had a very limited diet, had never tried eggs, but was ready to take on the world. And take on the world she did! Lauren has been travelling nonstop for 3 years now, now accompanied most times with ther Kiwi boyfriend.

Why I love her – Never Ending Footsteps is one of the most real and truly personal travel blogs I have ever read. She doesn’t hold back talking about the issues that she had when she was younger, but speaks loudly about how much travel has let her overcome those difficulties. Travel is therapy and she proves it. But traveling isn’t always easy, or safe, and she has a tendency to point out with the many incidents that have taken place in her travel career. So many, in fact, that she is now writing a book on it called “How Not To Travel.” Needless to say I am stupid excited about this book!

Wandering Earl – Earl


Wandering Earl is definitely phenomenal. He is a solo traveller, but get this – He has been backpacking nonstop since 1999! That’s pretty incredible, and is in my mind the poster child for being a permanent nomad. Over the 15 years he’s been backpacking, he has travelled to over 80 different countries, living in places like Romania and Mexico. Amazing stories to be behold here!

Why I love him – Earl’s blog adds something different to the table. As he states in one blog post, he doesn’t like to call it a travel blog, but rather a blog about his life that is mostly surrounded by travel. It’s full of his musings, self discoveries, ideas, travel tips, and the occasional video of himself in the bathtub discussing future travel plans. He is completely and undeniably his own kind of person, and I love him for it!

Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg


Jodi is a Canadian (wooh!!) who studied to become a lawyer on a bet, moved to New York, was a badass lawyer for a bit, then decided to pack up and go on an adventure around the world. Well.. There’s more to it than that, but read it for yourself! If there is one thing everyone should truly know about her blog, it’s that it centres around food. Especially soup. She loves soup.

Why I love her – I like soup. Plain and simple. Some of the food that she shares on her instagram, twitter, blog, and facebook page are absolutely mouthwatering and it makes me want to travel to that country RIGHT NOW and have that food RIGHT NOW. Recipes, specific restaurants to visit, what foods to eat in certain cities… It’s really quite amazing.

That Backpacker – Audrey Bergner


So Audrey started out as a solo female backpacker teaching English in South Korea (she’s also a fellow Canadian – woohoo!). But while in South Korea she met the amazing Sam and they’ve been together ever since. I guess you could say that this is a couple’s backpacking blog of sorts, but is only Audrey’s as Sam has his own here. You learn a lot about teaching abroad – especially in South Korea – with her blog, as well as lots of Asia.

Why I love her – Number one I’m a bit of romantic, so the whole meeting her husband while travelling got me hooked right off the get go. Audrey’s blog has the standard 10-things-to-do-here posts which everyone adores, as well as helping people with life on the road (and dealing with your partner on the road.) I love her blog basically because it has everything, and she updates it constantly!

yTravel Blog – Caz and Craig


Caz and Craig have been travelling for years, and I mean years. By themselves, together, working, playing… Asia, Europe, America, Australia… You name it they’ve generally done it. Now they’re a family with their two little girls, road tripping around Australia in a camper van.

Why I love them – Well, I’m in Australia at the moment. Their blog really helped me plan out what I wanted to do, what I wanted to see, how to survive in Australia etc. yTravel is an amazing blog to really get your foot out the door for travelling – helping you get inspired, make a plan, save money, decide where to go, and do what you’ve always wanted to do. It’s an incredibly inspiring blog, and one you’ll see everywhere (Caz has it all over Pintrest.)

So there’s my list of amazing travel blogs. It really is a variety – a photographer, solo female, foodie, permanent nomad, couple, and family travellers – it’s not a huge overwhelming list of travel blogs, but a small cozy list of awesome people 🙂 Everyone should definitely check them out!

Is there a travel blogger you follow that you think I should check out? I love finding more and reading their stories and advice! Let me know in the comments section below!

**None of the photos are my own and belong to the blogs in which they are associated.


2 thoughts on “What Travel Blogs Do I Follow?

  1. Ah what a pleasure to find this post! I’m a ‘travel blogger’ myself, or at least something like that. So as you said I’m always looking for inspiration myself, so I’m incredibly excited to check out some of this blogs you recommended! Great blog yourself by the way! Thanks again!


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