My Unfortunate Luck in Airports

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So you’re at the airport, on your way to another world-wind of an adventure to God knows where! You’re all packed and ready to go, and after grabbing your boarding pass and send your checked luggage on its way through to the airplane ahead of you, you’re on your merry way to the security check. 

Oh no. 

That gut feeling rips through you, as it does every single time. It’s ridiculous, really. You know you’re safe to go, you know you have nothing on you. No razors, knives, not even knitting needles! Still, as you empty your pockets, take your laptop out of your backpack, and take all your metal bracelets off and drop everything into those little trays that follow the mighty trail into the abyss you feel a little worried, deep down in your stomach. How many stories have your heard of people being put on no fly lists? Of random people planting drugs into other people’s bags to get them across boarders? You’ve seen Boarder Patrol, you know what’s up! 

Finally you’re standing in front of the metal detector, and the security guard at the other end gives you a slight nod. Alright, your turn. One deep breath, four steps quick steps as you’ve done countless times, and you’re through. 

You’re through, with no alarms or ringing or police coming after you with batons. You breathe a quick sigh of relief. As it should be of course, it’s not like you have anything on you to incriminate you. Gathering your things out of the plastic tubs, stuffing your laptop back into your backpack, and putting all your bracelets back on your tanned wrists, you think quietly to yourself ‘see? I don’t know why I freak out every time. It’s so easy. Now I just need the quickest toilet and water and I’m ready to go!’

“Excuse me miss, can you come over to the side please?”

Oh no. Oh god no now what, what happened, I’m fine! I’m safe! 

“You’ve been randomly selected for an extra security check.” The guard states to you, pulling out a long baton-like metal detector. Your heart beats quick, but you remind yourself that it’s just another random security check and you’ll be out in a flash.

He checks your shoes, clothes, and your bracelets. Your laptop is pulled out for inspection, and is your new Nikon camera, and looked carefully over. An agonizingly long time goes past. 

“Alright miss, you’re free to go.” Shoving everything back into your backpack rather ungracefully, you wander off to find your gate and the toilet, shaking your head at yourself for worrying at all. 

I’m sure everyone has had this done to them, at one point or another. Has anyone reading this been in one of those huge spinning metal detectors? Yeah those are fun! Or how about the room off to the side, where you get a quick pat down by one of the security guards? Even more fun!

I just returned from a quick week trip to Melbourne, and on my way there I had been “randomly selected” for an extra security check and on my way back it was the same. The first time was with Virgin Australia and the second with Tigerair – different airlines, different equipment, different people.

Literally, every single time I go through security I get “randomly selected” for an extra once over of my person and my backpack. Funny enough, It’s really only been since I bought my new Nikon. That can not be a coincidence, not with so many airlines that I use. Do they use facial recognition and I’m on a watch list, or do they just not like Nikon? I know someone back in Canada that has the same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know if it’s because of my camera or not? Or do I simply look like a suspicious person? 


3 thoughts on “My Unfortunate Luck in Airports

  1. My son first time flying got randomly selected as well. He had nothing cool on him like a nikkon. Just lots of food since he is a teenager and had 12 hours until he would reach his destination.


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