An Apology from the Land of No Internet


I’ve started posting again!

Woo hoo!!

But where the hell are all of the photos?!

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am at the moment living on a small farm in the middle of the Huon Valley in Tasmania. I don’t have any cell reception until I stand in the middle of the road (even then it drops in and out randomly as I walk in circles), and the wifi in the house isn’t the best in the world.

On the plus side I’m getting a lot of writing and photo editing done. I don’t have very much internet to peruse Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. I don’t even think I’ve watched a video or a TV show in well over a month (but I have to find out who A is in Pretty Little Liars, so once I get proper internet you may not hear from me for a couple of days)… So instead I’ve been writing, photo-editing, reading and horse back riding to my hearts content.

But, on the down-side the blog is slowly withering. 

I made a post earlier on how I’m a terrible blogger, and while I’ve figured out how to make time to post, I just don’t have the accessible internet to upload the amazing photos I’ve taken so far. And there are thousands. Trust me.

So when I leave Tasmania in early June and land in Canada, I will be spending A LOT of time uploading my photos into my posts, and putting hundreds into my portfolio for everyone to enjoy! Patience is key… And while I have none of my own, I hope everyone else has just an inch to spare for me.

Tassie is beautiful, and I can’t wait to share the beauty with you guys! Just a little more time, please!


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