5 Ways to Beat Homesickness – The Don’ts!

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A follow-up post to my previous one on the subject of homesickness – 6 Ways to Beat Homesickness – these are the things you shouldn’t do to beat homesickness!

While there are a million ways to make yourself feel better in a time of homesickness, there are a few key ways to keep  yourself from healing, if not making the homesickness worse for yourself.  Below are some of the things to avoid doing if you’re starting to feel the tinges of homesickness rear its ugly head.


DO NOT Contact Home

This includes Facebooking them, emailing them, skyping them. Don’t even send them a snail mail until you’re starting to feel a little better about the homesickness. 

When I was an exchange student, Rotary told us to wait three weeks in our countries before contacting our parents, and it helped loads. If you contact them, hear their voice, you will miss them, and you will spend more time trying to keep in contact with them than spending time in the country you’re actually visiting.


DO NOT Eat Crappy Food/Drink Alcohol/Do Drugs  

Drugs are not the answer. Alcohol is not the answer. A burger from McDonalds is not the answer. These are all crutches, designed to make you feel better for an instant, and even worse not much later. Deal with your sadness in a healthy manner – any of these ways – and your body, mind and soul will thank you for it. So will your wallet. An idea – Go get frozen yoghurt.


DO NOT Stay at Home

Turn that Friends marathon off. Get off the couch. Put on some pants. Go outside. Look around. Isn’t this place beautiful? Walk down the street, get a coffee, and wander. Go meet up with a friend. Find an awesome new spot you’ve never seen before.

By staying at home, you’re wallowing again. Watching every season of Friends won’t help, spending hours upon hours on Reddit won’t help, and laying in bed all day definitely won’t help make you feel better. 


DO NOT Listen to Sad Music

Delete all the sad music on your iPod. Do it now. It will not make you feel better. It will make you wallow in a puddle of self-pity. It will make you miserable. Delete them all. You’ll thank me later.


DO NOT Take It Out On Other People

This happens all the time. You’re homesick, which makes you upset, vulnerable and easily annoyed. Don’t take your sadness and frustration on your dorm mates or your friends who are probably just trying to help you. 

They know what’s wrong, I’m sure you’ve complained to them dozens of times, but that doesn’t mean they will forgive you every time you snap at them. A person can only take so much. So stop.


I realize that this is a hard list to follow – I’m horrible for eating an entire chocolate Easter rabbit, while sitting alone in my dorm room, listening to Alanis Morissette while I Skype my parents back home when I’m homesick. 

Well, I’m not quite that bad, but I do break some of these guidelines when the time has come for me to feel crappy about my decision to be so far away from home. But then I deal with it! It never lasts more than a couple of days with most people, and I know that I do decide to go home, once I get there I’ll want to hit the road again.

It’s an endless cycle, really. 


What do you avoid doing when you feel homesick? Do you have anymore to add to this list? Or does one of these things actually make you feel better about your homesickness? Let me know in the comments section below!


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