8 Things I’ve Learned While Travelling That I Didn’t Learn in School

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School is important. We learn how to read and write, we learn how do math and develop social skills that carry us through life. We make friends, study biology, and try to figure out what we want to do with our lives afterwards. 

School is obviously important, but what about travel? “Not as important as going to school every day, writing those essays on Shakespeare and getting 100% on those standardized tests!” Bullshit. Travel is just as important as school, and I wholeheartedly believe that every single person should step out of their comfort zone and travel. And no, not to that all-inclusive in Mexico.

You will learn something. It may surprise you, it may not, but below are eight things that I’ve learned in my short couple of years travelling that I hadn’t learned in school previously.


An Apology from the Land of No Internet


I’ve started posting again!

Woo hoo!!

But where the hell are all of the photos?!

I’m A Terrible Blogger…

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There is so much in my head that I want to write about! So many countries and adventures, places that I’ve been and things that I’ve done! I haven’t even touched upon Ghana and the Royal Seed Home, nor my trip to Ireland and Spain with my friends the year before last! Skydiving, mountain climbing, tree top walks, so many museums and art galleries that I want to show people, and I haven’t done it yet.  Because time is a fickle bitch.

Welcome to the New Backpack Manifesto!


As you can probably see Backpack Manifesto has gone through some changes… Again. I promise this will be the last one, and I finally figured out what direction I want this blog to take. 

What Travel Blogs Do I Follow?

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Being a travel blogger, I read so many other travel blogs for inspiration, encouragement, travel advice and for some amazing stories. I talk about some of their stories to my friends, and low and behold they have actually never heard of them before! 

Some travel blogs I have followed since I was 16, others only for the last couple of months, but I love every single one of them and always anxiously wait for the next blog post or update. It’s kind of funny, because it’s such a different array of bogs from family blogs to solo female to food blogs… The only thing they have in common is travel and that’s all that matters. Now! Here’s a little list of my favourite travel blogs, who they are, why I love them and why I think you will fall in love with them too 🙂

Feeling Uninspired and The Travel Blues

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I have been trying for the past week to write a new blog post. I probably have five partially written posts, that in all honesty I don’t like at all. I’ve just been feeling uninspired and I think I have the travel blues. 

Safe and Sound in Ontario

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Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of posting.
Between packing and moving things and getting ready to go, I had very little time to do much else.

I made it to Ontario, and am safe and sound at my dad’s house, after a rather boring flight.
At the moment I’m on my way to Algonquin Park to get some photos of the red maple leaves, I’ll post some photos later!


7 Days


7 Days.

Holy crap I leave in 7 days.

I have so much to do! Banks to deal with, phone calls to make, people to see.

Then I’m off to the races. Or… Airports.

My emotions are completely jumbled and at the moment I don’t know which way is up – a mix of happiness, excitement, anger, eagerness, sadness and overwhelment (which I just made a word).

I just need a couple days, I think.