A Tentative Plan

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I keep getting asked “So Jenna, what’s you’re plan? You’re just going to hang out in Australia for a year?”

The answer is kind of.

Surprise! I’ve decided to extend my stay here to two years instead of one. 


The Road So Far – Month 1 in Australia

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This has been the most intensely fun month ever, and I can’t believe it’s gone past this quickly. 

I Just Discovered the Best Cafe Ever…

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I love coffee. 

No, really. I love coffee. I would take caffeine over alcohol any day of the week.

And thus, I desperately miss Tim Hortons.

It’s only been the better part of three weeks and I’m starting to miss my Iced Capps and double double’s miserably. I’m true Canadian and proud of it!

But I think I just found a cafe that tops Timmies ten-fold…

Why I (Greatly) Dislike Paris


Yes you read that right.

I don’t like Paris. It’s actually one of my least favourite cities that I have visited.

Now, before you start grabbing your pitchforks and torches, let me explain.

The Road So Far: Leaving Belgium

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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by already. I can’t believe my time here in one of my favourite countries is over.

The Road So Far – Belgium Week I

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Note: all of the photos posted are from my iPhone, so I apologize for the small size and the sometimes not so good quality. 

It has been seven days since I arrived back in Belgium, and I only have seven more to go.

I’ve actually been really lucky with the weather so far – with sun and happiness everywhere. But now Belgium is showing her true colours.

It’s freaking cold. And rainy. Even as a Canadian I have a chill straight to my bones.

So I’m huddled up in a Starbucks in Leuven, where I paid the equivalent of $7 on a hot chocolate. But I have free WIFI, so all is not lost.

Before’s and After’s

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In 2011 I left for the trip of a lifetime, as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Mol, Belgium.

I had always wanted to travel, and it seemed like the perfect way to do it. It would also look amazing on any university application. So I applied, without my parents knowledge. They actually didn’t know about it until we were on our way to the interview. I never imagined I would be the one chosen from Fort St. John to go that year.

So I arrived in Belgium, at 16 years old, wide eyed and scared. Not knowing a word of Dutch, and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into.

I Will No Longer Be A Canadian Resident – Things To Know Before You Leave

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So as of October 8th I will no longer be a Canadian Resident.


Belgium: Cute, Quirky and A Must See




“Belgiuuuum… What the hell is a Belgium?”

“A country in Europe.”

“Oh! It’s that little place in France, right!”

Shakes head.

And that’s generally how the conversation goes when I say I lived in Belgium for a year. Once they remember Belgian waffles and chocolate it normally gets better from there.

Now, Belgium is (so far) my favourite country in the whole world, though I may be a little biased. But why? Why have I been there now three times? Why do I keep returning? And why the hell are French Fries not called Belgian Fries?!

Because Belgium is the quirkiest, cutest, most badass little country that has ever made me gain an undisclosed amount of weight, ever. I don’t want to talk about it.

Amsterdam: More Than A City Of Sin


“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Amsterdam - Flag-2483

The flag of Amsterdam. The XXX is actually just a coincidence, and not to commemorate the adult nightlife in the city.

Weed. Girls. Lights. Pot. Party. Europe.


Believe it or not, Amsterdam is my favourite city in all of Europe. It’s beautiful, methodic, peaceful and buzzing with life.