My Own, Personal, Freedom

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I love TED Talks. With an undying passion. If there is a new TED Talks up, I will watch it. I love to learn, I love to see what new ideas there are, and I love to be challenged as an individual. 

I have recently watched a TED talks where the man speaking challenged the audience to define your own personal freedom. He basically stated that if I didn’t define my own freedom, it would be defined for me. 


8 Things I’ve Learned While Travelling That I Didn’t Learn in School

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School is important. We learn how to read and write, we learn how do math and develop social skills that carry us through life. We make friends, study biology, and try to figure out what we want to do with our lives afterwards. 

School is obviously important, but what about travel? “Not as important as going to school every day, writing those essays on Shakespeare and getting 100% on those standardized tests!” Bullshit. Travel is just as important as school, and I wholeheartedly believe that every single person should step out of their comfort zone and travel. And no, not to that all-inclusive in Mexico.

You will learn something. It may surprise you, it may not, but below are eight things that I’ve learned in my short couple of years travelling that I hadn’t learned in school previously.